DC Crane Control

Can I drive more than one bridge motor from the same drive and will the speed regulation be close enough for the bridge not to skew as it travels down the rails?

This can be done, but the answer depends on the control style and the mechanics of the crane. Leaving mechanics aside, on cranes with DC series motors, two bridge motors are often wired in series to allow for a more balanced acceleration. This configuration also gives the starting torque of two motors, but the final speed much lower than the parallel configuration. 

What do I do if I need a DC mill duty contactor with an AC operating coil?

We offer a small rectifier block, approximately 1" cube in size, with a protecting MOV, to be mounted at the DC terminals, which can provide DC power for several contactors.

Please reference our Class 7004 or Class 8503 catalogs, pages 111 or 133, for basic schematic and part number details.

Will my 6121 control panels work with other manufacturers of master switches?

Yes, however, each master switch's "cam & contact" sequence of operation must be matched to operate per the panel's schematic. Reference the "Master Switch" sequence shown on the panel's wiring diagram.

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