DC Crane Control

These mill duty DC crane control panels are used to operate DC series wound motors in both hoist and travel drive applications. This control meets AIST and NEMA standards, and have been developed and refined by EC&M over the last 100 years.

AC Crane Control

AC Crane Control include both solid state and rugged electromechanical crane and hoist control systems. Products include Variable Frequency Control (Class 6417,6418), Eddycurrent Brake Hoist Control (Class 6420), Contra-Torque Bucket Hoist Control (Class 6422), Dynamic Lowering Hoist Control (Class 6421 or Class 6435), and Reversing Hoist and Travel Motion Control (Class 6426).

Line-Arc® AC & DC Contactors

Built of the highest-grade materials and tested to the toughest duty standards, Type M contactors feature the Line-Arc® arc extinction method for the longest tip life and lowest maintenance. The Type M also features steel pan mounting and readily accessible power and control terminations.


Our line of mill duty brakes and braking systems are designed to meet AIST and NEMA standards. All are designed for extended life in the harshest mill environments.

Lifting Magnet Controllers

Controllers designed to handle the large inductive currents switched during magnet operations.

Youngstown® Power Limit Switches

This OSHA-required switch limits crane hoist over-travel in the hoisting direction. It is operated by crane hoist hook block and directly interrupts the hoist motor current. EC&M created the first power limit switches used on cranes to help provide the highest level of crane safety. Youngstowns feature an automatic gravity reset mechanism, sealed bearings, and right- or left-hand operating arms.

TAB-WELD® Resistors

Time-proven, workhorse resistors, built to withstand the punishing effects of conductive dust, shock, vibration and other severe environmental conditions.

Auxiliary Equipment

Disconnect Switches, Relays, Static Timers, Acceleration Module, Foot Switch, and Master Switches

Reduced Voltage Motor Starters

Constant or adjustable-speed starters, reduced-voltage motor starters are used with shunt or compound-wound DC motors. They bring the motor up to speed in a set time, independent of load.

Replacement Parts and Modification Kits

Replacement parts kits and modification kits are available for magnet controllers AC and DC Type M and MX contactors.

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