Class 5010 Type F, Magnetic Drum Brakes

Class 5010 brakes are spring set, electrically released, drum type friction brakes which are used with either AC or DC motors. Series Brakes are used as holding brakes on DC series motor drives, crane hoists, mill drives, and transfer cars. Standard Shunt Brakes are used as holding or stopping brakes on DC reversing drives such as crane bridges or trolleys and mill auxiliary drives. Rectifier Operated Brakes are DC shunt brakes designed to operate from a brake rectifier controller as high-speed holding or stopping brakes on AC applications, such as cranes, conveyors, or movable bridges.

Class 5060 Type AT Adjustable Torque Brakes

These brakes are dual-purpose, drum-type friction brakes that combine an electrically released, spring-set holding brake with an electrically operated, adjustable torque stopping brake within one brake frame. An all-electric alternative to hydraulic brakes, Type AT brakes can be used with either AC or DC motors, in either single motor or multi-motor applications. Our unique all-electric brake systems remove concerns about broken hydraulic lines or loose fittings. Duplex or quadruplex floor operation is possible with pendant or radio control, as several brakes can be operated from a single controller.

Class 5010 Brake Rectifier

These controllers are designed to convert AC line power to DC for use with a rectifier operated brake. A high speed forcing circuit provides optimum operation of the brake.

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