Hubbell Bulletin 4805 MAGNIFIER AC™ Magnet Controller

Hubbell Bulletin 4805 MAGNIFIER AC™ Magnet Controller

New Hubbell Bulletin 4805 MagnifierAC™

MAGNIFIER AC, patent pending high performance lifting magnet controller is used for DC magnets rated 10 to 500 Amperes. Typical applications include AC scrap, slab handling and coil handling cranes. The controller is rated for 0º to 55ºC ambient (enclosed) and is suitable for full or partial voltage magnets. The MAGNIFIER AC uses existing LIFT / DROP master switch or push button switches. The MAGNIFIER AC replaces transformer and rectifier, and DC magnet controller.

  • AC solid-state magnet controller, patent pending

  • Maximum energy recovery as discharge energy is returned directly to the AC line

  • Eliminates DC rectifier for reduced maintenance, weight and energy loss

  • Voltage Boost for fastest available magnet charge and discharge

  • Voltage and current control for magnet lifts and drops

  • Voltage cutback included for scrap applications for cooler running magnets

  • Protection for the drive against cut cables and short circuits

  • Adjustable over voltage to 500VDC for magnified lifts without a DC rectifier

  • Voltage spikes eliminated in the magnet

  • Diagnostics and fault indicators

  • Standard AC Input voltage of 460VAC, 3ph, 50/60HZ

  • Eliminates all contactor maintenance

  • Available for other line voltages (Requires line transformer)

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